DC Family Business Forum

About DC Family Business Forum

The mission of the DC Family Business Forum is to promote and foster the growth and ongoing success of family businesses through learning, sharing and creating effective solutions regarding the critical issues and challenges confronting family businesses in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. Presentations and seminars are supported entirely by multi-disciplinary sponsors who are involved in working with family businesses as part of their routine practice.

Attendance to lectures and presentations sponsored by the DC Family Business Forum is offered by invitation only to a limited number of family-owned businesses. Participation in activities is restricted to invitees and sponsors. An invitation is extended by sponsors to family businesses who have the ability to benefit from and participate in the lecture series. Invited businesses will generally have a family member with controlling interest in the business and at least one family member currently employed in the business.



Philippe Lanier

Principal at EastBanc, runs one of the top development companies in Washington, D.C. with his father Anthony Lanier. EastBanc has a focus on retail retention and innovation. Philippe is also the Chief Executive of a diversified technology solutions provider, EastBanc Technologies. Philippe has been at the forefront of national retail trends in the areas of flexible leases, pop-ups, mixed-use and retail curation. Alongside his partners, Philippe has helped transform traditional landlord-retailer relationships to modernize brick and mortar retail in today’s e-commerce-heavy climate. He has had unique success in attracting top national and international e-commerce brands to Georgetown instead of traditional retail markets and demonstrating the value of investing in brick and mortar. If you want to talk tech, he knows a thing or two about API’s and Digital Transformation.